Thursday, April 28, 2005

Outlining Software

John Martin discusses his likes and dislikes in outlining software, listing the following requirements:

Requirement 1: The outliner must be lightweight, agile and keyboard friendly.
Requirement 2: The user interface of the outliner must be adaptable to a range of different use cases.
Requirement 3: The outliner must do it's best to speak the language of other applications.
Requirement 4: The outliner must be extensible.

Interesting stuff.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Prophet Turns Twenty!

Costa Brassey, aka, Prophet turns twenty years old today. After many years of race track work in New York State, Prophet's settled down to his current job as pleasure horse and photographic assistant. Congratulations!

That said, he's still the "World's Oldest Four Year Old." :>


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Here's Looking at You

Normally I only get the 'Hey, what are you doing down there?' look after I've gone over the ears. For this one, mare and filly kindy bent over to check the camera I placed near the ground.

Mother and Child Reunion

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Unix from Scratch

Eric Boutilier had a great series up on his blog describing how he's putting together what looks like an open source GNU/Solaris system. Interesting reading.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Landscape Photography

It's been a rainy weekend here in Massachusetts, but we did have a break in the weather this morning. Sensing a chance to get some nice landscape shots with storm clouds, I grabbed the camera and headed out to a few locations I had picked out earlier.


I headed out to Union Street in Norwell, where there are some nice farms and open fields and a bit further down, a boat landing on the North River.


Alas, I only had half an hour before I needed to be someplace else this morning, but that was enough time for a few pictures and the rains were starting up again in any case.

Quest for Marketing

I'll admit that I look at marketing from an engineer's perspective. Ok, sales isn't too hard to understand. I've seen sales done well and I've seen sales done badly. Once you've worked with really good sales people you get a feel for how it's done. That doesn't mean you can do it, but at least you can understand the motivations and the process. (Personally, I'm just not wired right to be a sales guy, it's not in my genes.)

Marketing has always been a harder nut to crack for me. It's probably because I've never had a chance to work with folks who were both good and passionate about marketing.

That said, I've always looked at marketing as building stuff customers will love and letting them know all about it. Two blogs that seem to be on my wavelength are Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba's Church of the Customer and Williams and More's Brand Autopsy.

Check 'em out.

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